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Together for a Sustainable Future

A Masdar Mitrabara Joint Venture.

Global Expertise

Access to competitive funding and global procurement.

Strong Local Presence

Our team comprises of handpicked experts from the solar industry. Our geographical focus extends across all of Indonesia.

Total Solutions to Commercial & Industrial Clients

We offer a full turnkey solution with flexible leasing structures.

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Solar Radiance in Brief

PT Masdar Mitra Solar Radiance (known as Solar Radiance) is one of the leading Solar Photovoltaics (Solar PV) developer in Indonesia. We aim to be the market leader for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) clients. Solar Radiance delivers projects with global standards and with a high degree of commercial flexibility for our clients.

Our strategic partnership, strong technical support, and access to global procurement achieved through Masdar - one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies - and Mitrabara - a publicly listed Indonesian energy conglomerate - allow us to deliver outstanding service, innovative products, and reliable solutions. We support our clients in achieving their sustainability target, reducing their carbon footprint, and increasing operational efficiency.

Solar Radiance in Brief

For every 1 MWp installed...

1,404,000+ Green energy generated (kWh)

1,259.39+ CO2e or greenhouse gas generation avoided (tons)

32,292+ Planting (trees)

439+ Recycling (tons)

143+ Car drive (times around the world)

Company Shareholders

Solar Radiance is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company PJSC - Masdar, a leading international developer, operator, and investor of utility-scale and off-grid renewable energy projects; and PT Mitrabara Adiperdana Tbk (part of the Baramulti Group).

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