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PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Indonesia Rooftop PV Plant

The first phase of 1.75MWp / 1.6MWac solar PV system installation on PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Indonesia (MMKI) rooftop was successfully commissioned on February 2023.

With an estimated energy harvest of around 56,000 MWh for the entire contract period, this project proves the action of MMKI's dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and improving its operational efficiency through renewable energy solutions.

Project Info

Technologies Used

Solar Rooftop PV


West Java, Indonesia

Project Completion Year

Q1 2023




Rooftop ; On-Grid


1.75 MWp

56,324,000++ Total Estimated Energi Production over Contract Period (kWh)

50,241++ CO2 or greenhouse gas generation avoided (tons)

1,288,320++ Planting (trees)

17,500++ Recycling (tons)

228,368,200++ Car drive around the world (km)

Downloadable File

PT Masdar Mitra Solar Radiance