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Projects - Solar Radiance - Al Wadi Al Jadeed Solar PV Plants

Al Wadi Al Jadeed Solar PV Plants

Masdar built three solar power plants in the Governorate of Al Wadi Al Jadeed, the largest and most sparsely inhabited region in Egypt. These new sources of electricity will support efforts to improve the Governorate’s local infrastructure, enable cultivation of local land and aid access to underground water supplies – thereby providing a major boost to the growth of an underdeveloped region.

The plants have been developed in Al Farafra, Abu Minqar, and Darb Al Arbaeen. They provide electricity for over 4,800 homes and displace over 8,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions, and reduce the diesel consumption of existing power plants by over 40 per cent.


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Project Info

Technologies Used

Solar Farm


Al Wadi Al Jadeed, Egypt

Project Completion Year





Ground ; On-Grid


6 MWp

Carbon Offset Value Proposition

24,834,000+ Green energy generated (kWh)

217,500+ CO2 or greenhouse gas generation avoided (metric tons)

5,576,923+ Planting (trees)

75,784+ Recycling (metric tons)

988,636,363+ Car drive around the world (km)

PT Masdar Mitra Solar Radiance