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Projects - Solar Radiance - Red Sea Solar PV Plants

Red Sea Solar PV Plants

The four solar PV plants in Egypt’s Red Sea Governorate have a total capacity of 14MW and provide reliable energy supply to support the area’s vital tourism sector. 

The PV plants were built in the Red Sea cities of Marsa Alam (6MW), Shalateen (5MW), Abu Ramad (2MW), and Halayeb (1MW).

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Project Info

Technologies Used

Solar PV


Red Sea Cities, Red Sea

Project Completion Year





Ground ; On Grid


14 MW

Carbon Offset Value Proposition

560,538,000+ Green energy generated (kWh)

500,000+ CO2 or greenhouse gas generation avoided (metric tons)

12,820,512+ Planting (trees)

174,216+ Recycling (metric tons)

2,272,728,000+ Car drive around the world (km)

Downloadable File

PT Masdar Mitra Solar Radiance